CPK Ultimate Archives is an improved version of the default archives widget. Using simple parameters you can limit your archives to certain category or tag groups, change how many results are displayed, change the order of displayed results and pretty much anything else you need.



Filter your archives nearly any way you want.

Free Updates

This plugin is free, and all updates will be published to the WordPress plugin repository.


You’re welcome to contact us if you require assistance.



Free Download

This is a free, open source, plugin. You can download it here: CPK Ultimate Archives
  1. I tried to download the Quick Start Guide but got an Error 404 message.

    I downloaded the CPK Ultimate Archives plug-in for my wordpress site. I want to make an archive for a specific category named snapshots. According to the description all I would have to do is enter ‘cat=snapshots’ into the widget settings form.

    I thought that I had done that but it is showing me all of the archives. Maybe I didn’t locate the widget settings form correctly. Can you tell me where that is found – or – if I have to add something more?


    • As discussed offline, I think the problem was that you had ‘cat=snapshots’ instead of ‘cat=1’ (or whatever the cat id of ‘snapshots’ is for you. For anyone else who encounters the same issue, please refer to Parameters to make sure you’re using the correct format.

      The plugin just passes through your filters straight to WP, so it’s best to refer directly to the WP documentation.

      Best wishes


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