Plugin Description

CSV Imp is a WordPress plugin for importing and exporting eShop products via the CSV file format. If you need to create, modify, or delete dozens or even thousands of products then this plugin is intended to save you a lot of time and effort.



Make changes to your eShop inventory in your favourite spreadsheet program, then import in one simple step.


Export your eShop products to a more convenient CSV format for bulk edits.


Add and remove tags from hundreds of posts at once.

Custom Fields

Manage your custom fields the easy way.


Add and remove categories from thousands of posts at once. Build complex hierarchies too, if you need to.


You can set your featured images. You can even add images to the body of your post or page.

Custom Post Types

All custom post types and all custom taxonomies are supported.

Language Support

All characters from all languages are supported (UTF-8).

eShop Compatible

All product features supported.

eStore Theme

Specially modified to work with the popular eStore theme.

Free Updates

If you purchase 2.3.3, you’re entitled to all updates up to version 2.9.9


You’re welcome to contact us if you require assistance.


This Plugin Can Only Be Purchased On Request

Since I can no longer provide any support for this plugin, I have removed it from sale. If you still want to purchase it, then please use my contact page to message me.

  1. I have a source in tdf (tab) format. Can this plugin for eshop handle tdfs or do I need to convert them somehow?

    • Hi Henry

      I haven’t implemented that yet, but as you say, it’d be pretty easy to convert from TSV to CSV using your favourite spreadsheet program. You can use whatever normal characters you like as a delimiter and enclosure.

      If you decide to purchase, and really need tab separators, then I’d be happy to add support for them in for you.

      Best wishes


  2. I have a shared hosting acount with a php execution time of 30 seconds

    Put this on top of the exporter php file
    To disable the php timeout

    • Thanks Tim. That’s a good suggestion that may work for some people.

      Best wishes


  3. This plugin is amazing, and so is the developer who wrote it. I purchased this with an ambitious goal in mind, the creation of a store with 10,000 products. I ran into a few problems along the way, but when I emailed Paul, he responded within 24 hours, and had useful information.

    One thing I want to pass on to anyone having problems, make sure you delete the rows correctly. There are two ways to delete a row in Excel. If you’re just highlighting and pressing the backspace key, that will clear the data but leave the rows. Make sure you right click and choose delete entire row.

    Anyone who wants to see that a huge, functional store is possible with eshop and this plugin just look Thank you!!!!

  4. Thank you for this plugin. It saves me a lot of work!
    I’m using it at and 2 other eshops :)

    Regards, Jirka

  5. I’ve got one word for it: PERFECT!!

    It’s a really great plugin.
    Does what it’s expect to do!:D

    After a hosting move, some things didn’t work well..
    But Paul did everything for it to get it up and running!

    Your money is worth it!!!!

    • Thanks Guido.

      I’d never say it was perfect, but I’m glad you got your money’s worth.

      Best wishes


  6. Paul does all necessary for us client and he don’t forget update with is excellent plugin.
    Many thanks

  7. Paul,

    Thank you for the excellent plugin, for rushing the introduction of the custom-taxonomy support for me, and for the excellent support.

    Awesome Job!


  8. thank you so much for the support and assistance

    great plugin! save like a 2 weeks works!

    Best wishes, happy December mate :)

  9. Hi,

    I have bought your CSV imp for eshop, and in my opinion it is a great plugin!

    problem is, i have a wordpress site ( that has 650 post+ which is all the post is item to sell.

    and i want to eshop-nized that site with add to cart in every post. so lets say has its own add to cart

    when i use your plugin, i find it able to customize post that has been an eshop post before. In my case i would like to eshop-nized all my previous regular post (not an eshop item post like in your example).

    Is that possible to edit my post in bulk and add eshop cart (including price, option, etc) ?

    Hope you get what i meant

    best regards

    • Hi Daniel

      Thanks for your message, and thanks for purchasing.

      There’s no way to do what you want with just CSV Imp, but are you aware of my other (free) plugin, WP CSV:

      It will import/export normal WP posts/pages (but not eShop products). So, I believe, with a bit of cut and paste, you ought to be able to achieve what you want. Really briefly, export using WP CSV, and import using CSV Imp.

      Though, I should add, I’ve never tried this technique! If you can wait a day, I’ll have time to run through it myself, and then write up some more detailed instructions for you.

      Best wishes


    • Hi Daniel

      I’ve tested the solution I suggested successfully and have created some instructions under ‘How can I convert normal pages or posts into eShop products easily?’ on the FAQ page:

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Best wishes


  10. Hiya Paul!

    Just an email to give a huge thank you for your assistance, every image is sparkling up there 😉 It did come down to any filename with a + or more than one hyphen consecutively… 110% sorted.

    If there’s anywhere I can post this solution for your other users please let me know.

    Sterling plugin, sterling service.


    • You’re welcome Dane. For others who encounter this problem before I fix it permanently…

      Symptom: Image filenames containing a ‘+’ symbol would not display in Elegant Themes eStore, even though the file was there.

      ie This-is-my-image-+-yes-this-is-my-image.jpg

      Temporary Solution: Replace ‘+’ with ‘%2B’ before import.

      ie This-is-my-image-%2B-yes-this-is-my-image.jpg

      There are a couple of other special characters which may not work in image names, using the Elegant Themes eStore theme. I’ll try to fix all possible character issues in the next version.


  11. Great plug in Paul, works like a charm! Congratulations on your recent wedding and I hope you enjoy your honeymoon!



  12. Hi Paul,

    Just a quick note to inform you that both the plugins are performing brilliantly. I have had several orders all sent like clock work with invoices popping in shortly after from the supplier and next morning at 8 on the dot I get my summary (only if there has been a sale!) Perfect!

    I had an issue with a supplier and decided to change all of his products to a different supplier and the CSV Imp plugin performed like a charm – pulled all the info out – made some changes – uploaded perfectly with no issues. I realized I had missed some things in the change and so pulled it all out again – made the changes and up it all went again perfectly. Thank you for all your help and your amazing plugins!

    Kind Regards,
    Wayne Lamprecht
    Director – Online Costume

    • Thanks for the feedback Wayne, really appreciate it. Great to hear everything is humming along nicely for you with both the order emailer and csv imp plugins.

      Best wishes


  13. Hi Paul, great plugin by the way, I have successfully installed almost 4k of products in one fell swoop! Good man.

    I did add categories under “post_categories” as it says in FAQ’s (cat1,cat2,cat3) and it did not work, instead I have categories now named with the commas ie cat1,cat2,cat3 instead of creating subs cat1/cat2/cat3.

    Please advise

    Kip (Not Zoe, I am the dev!)

    • Hi Kip

      Thanks, you’ve uncovered a bug I think! As a temporary work-around it should work if you put ‘, ‘ (comma, space) between each category. I’ll contact you directly to confirm that fixes it for you, and then roll it into the next version.

      Best wishes


  14. Any chance this will work with WordPress Network?


    • Sure, I have one user who’s reported it’s already working. However, if you do have any problems I’ll be happy to work through them with you.

      Best wishes


      • Thanks again. Appreciate your diligence in getting it working for an unusual setup.


  15. Great product well wort the £16.50 it costs here in the UK. Save a lot of time uploading the 1000 product sku’s we have.

    Yes there is a few teething troubles, but thats just a likely to be my own lack of understanding rather than the product itself.

    Would recommend.

    Matthew @

  16. Hi, does CSV Imp support Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies?

    • Hi Paul

      No, not yet, but I’d be happy to talk to you about it further so have contacted you directly.

  17. Paul,
    After a hosting move and eshop upgrade the CSV import plugin will not recognize any eShop items for export to CSV. Any ideas? Thanks alot. The plugin has been a huge help.

    • After a few emails back and forth, we discovered that the file permissions on Mitch’s new web-host were read only. I’ve updated the FAQ and will put in more error checking and warning messages in the next version. For anyone else having this problem, the plugin needs to be allowed to create files in “../wp-content/uploads.”

  18. Hi Paul,

    thank you very much :-)
    A student apprentice categorices our products.
    The plugin is wonderful!

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