CSV Imp allows you to change a lot of fields and with that power comes complexity. However, you can side-step most of it by:

  1. Manually creating one eShop product exactly how you want it
  2. Export the product using CSV Imp
  3. See the data in each field to understand what is needed
  4. Use the row in your spreadsheet as a template for all the others

Add, Modify, and Delete

When you export, each and every post will have an ID.  For this example, let’s assume the ID is ‘123’.  You can use the ID field to control whether your post/page is updated, a new post/page is created, or if it should be moved to trash.  Using our imaginary post 123 as an example:

Add: Make the ID field blank to create a new eShop product using the details on that row of the spreadsheet.

Modify: Leave the ID field as it is.  Product 123 will be updated with any changes you make.

Delete: To move a post/page to trash, simply add a minus sign.  So ‘123’ becomes ‘-123’.

Most people find that following the above steps will make getting started extremely easy as it allows you to side step  all the complexity inherent in WordPress and eShop.

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