Do you need to forward your eShop website orders to a 3rd party fulfilment center? This plugin will allow you to email your successful eShop orders to one or more email addresses.


Unlimited Suppliers

You can have as many suppliers as you have products.

Unlimited Email Addresses

For each supplier, you can nominate multiple email addresses.

Summary Report

A summary report is mailed to you regularly so you can easily keep track of what’s happening.

Custom Data

Choose which order fields are sent to your suppliers, and add your own.

Free Updates

This plugin is free, and all updates will be published to the WordPress plugin repository.


You’re welcome to contact us if you require assistance.


Free Download

This is a free, open source, plugin. You can download it here:

Eshop Order Emailer
  1. All documentation gives a 404 error, not found. Which field do I add to the eshop mailer that contains the amount?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jon

      Thanks for letting me know. The 404s should be fixed now.

      In answer to your question, the ‘order_items’ field is the one you want. It combines all order details into one cell since the CSV format doesn’t easily lend itself to 3 dimensional datasets.

      Best wishes


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