The purpose of the plugin is to enable email notification of one or more fulfillment centers automatically. You can have as many suppliers as you have products and provide each with all the information needed to fulfill an order. In addition to the fulfillment emails that will be sent out, there is also a summary report which you can mail to yourself to keep tabs on what orders have come in and where they were sent.


  • Save: Stores your settings in the database and will also reset any scheduled emails.
  • Reset: Each email is recorded against an order to ensure only one email is sent. This allows you to reset that ‘memory’, however instead of sending every order you’ve ever received back out to your fulfillment centers, you’ll instead get one email sent to you.
  • Send Now: Force emails for outstanding orders to be sent immediately rather than wait for the next scheduled mail out.

Special Features

  • Suppliers: Supplier email addresses are set via a custom field within each product post/page. The custom field must be called ‘supplier_email’ and it can either have a single email or multiple email addresses separated by commas. Any product without this custom field will be sent to the default email recipients on the settings page.
  • Custom Display Name: You can change the default column heading in the CSV file by entering a ‘display name’ before pressing the ‘Add’ button.
  • Custom Fields: To add a field not supplied by eShop, you can select the ‘Custom’ item from the drop down and then enter something like the following into the display name box: ‘Custom Column Heading=This Text Will Always Be The Same’.
  • Instant Mode (NEW):If you set ‘frequency’ to ‘instant’ then emails will be dispatched whenever status of any order changes to ‘Active’ (either through a purchase, or via a manual status change in the Orders screen). Suppliers will only be notified the first time status changes to ‘Active’.

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