Version 1.4.5 has been tested with WordPress 3.7.1 successfully. Enhancements in this version include:

  • Improved error handling and user feedback for badly formatted taxonomy terms.

Read more about the plugin here.

  1. Hi!

    I installed this extension in a WordPress+Woocommerce website a few minutes ago and tested it by exporting the whole data and only product variations as well.

    The export works fine and the entire data is shown in the .csv.

    To make a quick test in adding product variations price, I exported the product variations.csv and added the prices. After that, I imported this same file but nothing was imported, even though I manually inserted the price values. I reopened the .csv and in fact those values are present.

    Might this be some kind of bug? Or might be causing it?


    Best regards,

    • Hi Ricardo

      I’ve emailed you directly so you can send me copies of your CSV files.

      Best wishes